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Welcome to the Norfolk Island Visitors Information Website

 Welcome to the Norfolk Island Visitors Information Website


There's No Place Like Home - Burnt Pine Travel is situated at the heart of Burnt Pine 

Next to the Bowlo ( the Bowling Club) and across from Foodies (Foodlands).   You cannot miss us – call in and say  “Hey Watiwieh!”

The friendly face of travel – Norfolk Island and beyond!

Norfolk Island was brought to the surface of the pacific around 3 million years ago.  Polynesians, Capt Cook and two terms of Convict Settlement  were the pre-cursors for the people who followed.  194 Pitcairn Islanders landed on Norfolk Island in 1856. These folk moulded what now are the indigenous people of Norfolk Island.   Norfolk is perhaps best known for its stints in history.  You may well be visiting for your interest in the convict eras or for the romantic mystery of the descendants of the Bounty mutineers.  Whatever brings you to our shores , we are happy and excited to welcome you hoem  (home).

The current population of approximately 1500 people comprises numerous nationalities, majorly these are Norfolk Islanders, Australians, and New Zealanders. Norfolk Island unique, exquisite and for the main untouched.   Overwhelmingly evident as your feet  touch the ground,  is the cleanliness of our island.  Quietly magnificent our scenery breaths hauntingly into your very being, resonating peace and harmony.  Interestingly enough, the mix of palm and pine, sums it up, opposites in harmony.  A great analogy that may hark back to the days of the mutineers, the palms and the pines, the Tahitians and the English.

Hold this imagery in your mind as we meander down the track, that is Norfolk Island.  Unique is a word bandied about, however we own the uniqueness of our island.  A Pacific Island yet, sub-tropical – a people equally tempered  - a blend of Polynesia and European, like nowhere else.  This island is not a consequence of colonisation but rather epitomises a natural entwining and progression of peoples and their cultures in quiet accord.


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