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Little Things Mean a Lot on Norfolk

Like saying hello.... to everybody everyday..... or waving at the oncoming vehicle, no matter who is behind the wheel.  We live in a world where everybody still counts.  “It’s the little things that count”.  Today’s world is fast and hard... well so it seems sometimes, often people do not have the time, to pass the time of day with you, but on Norfolk that art is not lost.  So do not be afraid to say hello or whatawey yorlye?  You can expect a smile – at the very least. 


Location Location Location

When choosing to stay on Norfolk you may be tempted to check out the star ratings, or the amenities described.  The way we have chosen to list all the accommodation choices on Norfolk Island is by location.  So in the first instance delve within your consciousness and decide if you are a tree person, a sea person, a towny or a country person, romantic or business as usual – this could determine where you would like to base yourself for your stay.  

There is a huge range of style and settings in our accommodation market and really it could be just a matter of prioritising or deciding what the governing factor is, that will sway your decision.  For some people where you lay your head at night may not be a priority, to others the outlook may be everything.   Take a little time now to peruse the lists below – a guide to the possibilities of your home away from home on Norfolk Island. (Some properties may appear under more than one heading.)


Sea Views and Ocean
  • By The Bay
  • Callum Court?
  • Ocean View Apts
  • Hillcrest Hotel and Cottages
  • Islander Lodge Holiday Apts
  • Oceanbreeze Holiday Cottages
  • Panorama Seaside Apts
  • Ponderosa Apts and Cottages
  • Tintoela

Trees/ Gardens/Forest

  • Highlands Lodge and Cottages
  • Jacaranda Park Holiday Cottages
  • Kentia Holiday Apts
  • Lavendula Garden Cottage
  • Hideaway Retreat
  • Poinciana Cottages
  • Selwyn Cottage
  • Tau Gardens
  • Whispering Pines Luxury Cottages

Town and Around

  • Norfolk Budget Apts
  • Berganins Cottage
  • Bligh Court Holiday Cottages
  • Bounty Lodge Apts
  • Cascade Garden Apts
  • Central Garden Apts
  • Channers Corner Holiday Apts
  • Cumberland Resort and Spa
  • Fantasy Island Resort
  • Fletcher Christian Apts
  • Norfolk Holiday Apts
  • Nuffka Deluxe Apts
  • Pine Valley Apts
  • Shiralee Executive Cottages

Business and Beyond

  • Governors Lodge
  • South Pacific Resort
  • All Seasons Colonial Norfolk Island



  • Tintoela
  • Forrester Court
  • Christians of Bucks Point
  • By The Bay
  • Cobbys


  • Christians of Bucks Point
  • Cobbys Crystal Pool
  • Kingston Cottages


  • Anson Bay Lodge
  • Pacific Palms
  • Riggers Retreat


  • Colony Lodge
  • Endeavour Lodge
  • Viewrest Inn

Family Skewed
  • Dii Elduu House and Cottage
  • Haydanblair House
  • Saints Holiday Apts
  • Tintoela

Big Group/Volume Delivery

  • Castaway Hotel and Apts
  • All Seasons Colonial Norfolk Island
  • Governors Lodge Resort
  • Hibiscus Aloha
  • The  Polynesian Hotel
  • South Pacific Resort Hotel

Just Outa Town

  • Crest Apts
  • Dolphin Inn
  • Mokutu Inn
  • Mulberry Valley Hideaway
  • Tradewinds Country Cottages




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