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Attractions On Norfolk Island                                                



Amazingly enough you can stand atop of Mount Pitt and view the whole of the world....of Norfolk Island at least.  Fantastic accessibility is a calling card of Norfolk Island.  When you decide to drive or walk up these mountains, along the track you will encounter the gorgeous flora and fauna.  For people who are all about perspective it is the ultimate opportunity to get a true panoramic experience.  It is not until you are atop of Mount Pitt that you can fully appreciate the spectrum of Norfolk.  Speaking the dimensions in real terms does not prepare you for the reality.  That is to say a lot of visitors think that they can walk the island and will have no use for a car.  Seeing the island top to bottom is only achievable with wheels and Mount Pitt and Mt Bates – well they prove it!  Take the car to the top, maybe a bottle of wine and someone special and gaze away... our island is literally at your feet.


Crystal Pool – mystery, romance, adventure and exhilaration.  Meandering across rock and path just to get there will remind you also of the serious side of this landmark.  Swimming the pool can be potentially demanding.  It is not a watering hole to take lightly.  Breathtakingly beautiful and totally unforgettable, a sojourn at this natural pool will cast your thoughts to the mystical.  The isolation of this spot adds to the romance and mystery.  Take a picnic, take a blanket, take a camera but above all take care.


This is THE surfing spot or boogy board spot for local lads and ladies alike.  Try your luck with the tide, or harvest hihi, lounge on the sand or hangout as a surfy groupy with your kids.  Hang ten or how many ever toes you are prepared to work with.  "Gwen daun Bumby’s " is really code for leave me alone mum I am hangin out!  For some families on Island this is a family excursion ritual that takes place from time to time.  A place to congregate, forage, laugh, eat, swim or just mad about.... Off the beaten track of tourists and hire cars – for the most, the road leading down can appear quite daunting.... just take it gently and intuitively, there is no rush .  Bumboras is a little more secluded than say, Emily Bay and therefore is for those of us who will enjoy the solitude and landscape without the crowds. 


The Botanic Gardens are situated at the top of Grassy Road.  Well worth a visit for those amongst us who enjoy the world of trees, plants, flowers, birdlife etc....
An opportunity to view flora and fauna unique to the island.  View the famous green parrot saved from extinction-just by great care and conservation measures...Boobook Owls are also native to the island and alas quite elusive, but like any adventure amongst the trees you will have to make the effort and walk amongst them, tuning into the local forestation and wildlife will leave you peaceful, thoughtful and rejuvenated.


Government House is the residence of the Administrator of Norfolk Island and as such is not open for inspection on a daily basis, however, access can be gained to Government House – once a month – for the public.  (This is by kind permission of the Administrator)  The experience of walking the grounds and house is one not to be missed.  Local charity groups benefit from these visits and volunteers are on hand to usher you through and enlighten visitors on aspects of the House that would escape you normally.  There is a small charge of $5 and the proceeds of this go to a different local charity monthly. 


The Golf Club is situated on the Eastern side of the island alongside the Cemetery.  Quality Row housing was for the elite of the island and the Golf Club House is one of the few Quality Row buildings that you can have open access to.  Whether you are an avid golfer or would just like to partake in a cool beverage and sit on the veranda and enjoy the view, pop down and visit the golf club, you will not be disappointed.  There are a number of fascinating items on the walls and the club members are always welcoming, so hit a ball or join in the fun at the Norfolk Island  Golf Club.  9 Holes of fun, with spectacular coastline views. 


Leagues, Bowls, Tennis, Sports and Workers, Golf – There are many and plenty of other sporting clubs on the island but these as named physically have a club house for the partaking of refreshments - alcohol and food, good company and congeniality abound. 


A stroll or lounge-about on the champagne sand of Emily Bay or Slaughter Bay will gather your senses and restore your soul.  Gazing at the breakers across the reef and seeking out the colours of Phillip Island will entrance you and set your spirits soaring with positivity.  The skyline, waterline and the contour of the shore with pines and ruins have an eerie quality that is calming and yet fortifying.  The mystery of the healing quality of this area is an enigma indeed when you dare to contemplate the past history.  Yet it is undeniable.  Whether it is the onshore winds that blow away the demons or the sparkling sunshine on the water.  Even in days of major turbulence the surf and colour of the ocean is a tonic.


Norfolk Island can boast aplenty, but really our museums are world class.  Being a small island tends to allow us to be focused on ourselves and our history to some degree in isolation and in a style that is charm-filled, composed, and quite overtly personal, intimate even.  A great number of visitors to our museums are motivated by a need to connect.  A connection to an ancestor or particular portion of history. 

It is overwhelmingly obvious on first inspection that the whole of the KAVHA area has been treated with great reverence, and style.  There is absolutely no sign of commerce or enterprise within the area.  The buildings and settings are completely resonant with history.  A backdrop of breathtaking beauty – the jetty, the pines and rolling hillsides, and crashing surf all add to the majesty of Kingston.   

The Pier Store Museum, The Compound, The Royal Engineer’s Office or REO Cafe, The Commissariat Store, The Lions Club, Quality Row, No 9, and No 10 Quality Row House Museums, Government House, - all these gems of hand hewn buildings kept immaculate and just waiting for your roving eye and inner curiosity.   The museum staff are fantastic and are on-hand for the most part. 

There are daily museum tours and a multi pass for the area can be obtained at various outlets.  There are periodic displays and numerous publications depicting an extensive array of information and image alike.  The KAVHA area is a place in which you can wander at will or accompany a group tour of the sites within the area.  It would be remiss not to mention the Cemetery at the very easterly end of Quality Row.  This is our cemetery for today and yesteryear and as such is a great tourist attraction.  The headstones of different eras provide much interest and information for those history buffs amongst us.  Our local resident sexton is a true history buff and a mine of information.  



Water Activities on Norfolk Island

You may be on it, under it, beside it, above it, within, diving, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, paddling through it, jet-skiing, glass bottom-boat gazing. Whatever takes your fancy this water is alive!!   Some of the most amazing coral reef to gaze upon and dive about this reef is the most prolific southern run out. 


If diving is your thing, the water temperature throughout the year remains the most stable and that means that diving is a sport that can be enjoyed for the best part of a calendar year.  Call Jamie at Bounty Divers - 50375 or landline 24375. or check out



Most of our surfing contingent congregates down at the reef between Slaughter and Mana’s.
That may not have significance for you just yet but in true surfy style the only way to get amongst it, is to... literally get amongst it!!  Bumboras is the other local haunt.  Like any surfing spot in the world local knowledge is everything.  Chances are if you turn up with a board on your person the ice is already broken and it is just a matter of time before you will make it on and off the waves.  There is a local surf riders club and contact can be made ahead of time by contacting members of the club initially through the VIC phone: 22147


For those of us who can appreciate a more gentle approach to adventure the glass bottom boat is a real winner.  Launching with ease from Emily Bay and setting the precedent for a leisurely tour of the bays inhabitants.  All you will need is a sun-hat, bottle of water, sun block and suitable footwear for on-board a boat.  Be prepared to cruise the Bay with ease whilst taking in the sights of the deep.  The boat generally leaves at low tide.

Call: Don or John on 22249 or 50312 - Glaas Bohtam Boet


The Chord another land/sea mark of Norfolk Island can provide some outstanding kayaking adventure.  


Emily Bay, Slaughter Bay and all about, will have you itching to don snorkeling gear and flippers and flounder your way out and about into Norfolk’s churning ocean for a one on one eye to eye view of the creatures within our depths. 


Take the time to ponder and plod along the shoreline of Emily Bay or Slaughter and meander across rocks /crannies and caste an eye over the ruins alongside the beachfront.  Your mind can not help but drift with the rhythm of the waves and the whisper of the pines.  Check out the stone work on the remaining buildings and let your heart wonder at the hands that worked that stone.  Surely it would not be such a day as yours, to be shackled and driven to work amidst the sublime beauty of the island, surely it would be just one of many of the cruelest tortures imaginable.  Times have changed, here at least.

Emily Bay, Slaughter Bay and all about, will have you itching to don snorkeling gear and flippers and flounder your way out and about into Norfolk’s glorious waters for that one on one  view of the creatures within our depths. 



Artists abound on Norfolk Island - Painters, Potters, Poets, Actors, Musician, Sculptors, Textile Printers, Quilters, and Artisans-extraordinaire of every nature.

Our local community does itself proud displaying a keen eye and cunning in the annual ‘Wearable Art” display. The Agriculture Show and Multicultural Festival are further venues for celebrating craft and culture within the community.  There are various outlets for local artists Gallery Guava, Aatuti Art, Allison & Steve Ryves Pottery – Anson Bay.  The Wearable Art Exhibition is traditionally held in January.  Being Island-bound has produced some of the best artistic flair one could ever hope to imagine.  The clandestine budding artist tends to come out in everyone... it only took a couple of ‘wearable arts” before the courage of many was gained.  The outcome being an annual feast of short-lived fame and often hysteria.... finding an outfit, finding a model and finding the time to create all become foremost in the minds of those budding da Vincis of fun, fashion and flair....  The out-pouring of joy on this occasion is now famous – island wide.  Though a major production, it is almost now unmissable for most.  Creativity is a calling card of the inhabitants of Norfolk Island.  (necessity being the mother of invention).



The Fletcher's Mutiny Cyclorama is a giant circular painting that you walk inside.  Not to be missed, this experience will provide you factually and artistically in a most succinct manner, with the story of the mutiny.   Hauntingly beautiful, an opportunity to immerse yourself within the history of the Bounty, the Pitcairners and Norfolk Island today.  Cunningly interspersed into the painting are the actual faces of some of those ancestors of our island, make the effort and reward yourself with the candid delivery as depicted by our local artists. 

Cyclorama - Queen Elizabeth Avenue - Phone 23871 - Open Mon - Sat  9.00 am to 5.00 pm and  Sunday 10.00 am to 3.00pm


 Night Sky of Norfolk Island                                                                                                                                                                                    

Take the time to star gaze.... our skies are less clouded and more starry than you could ever imagine.  Spectacular amounts of stars are set out in our sky to remind you that the universe is an immense space a magnificent canopy of twinkling lights.  The grandeur of the vista can tend to make you feel quite insignificant, until you catch a glimpse of a shooting star – a portend of things to come.



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