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Flora Fauna and Beyond  - Phillip Island – Take A Chance....
Phillip Island – you’ll get there after a brief but exciting trip across water, a rope climb and depending on the weather a bit of a scramble. You will find yourself atop an island that was once scant of any sort of vegetation.  Denuded of vegetation by the domestic animals left by the penal era, Phillip Island has taken a little nurturing to get back to life.  The Phillip Island Trek experience will stimulate your soul, awakening wonder.  If you have been amongst the city for too long or enclosed in bleak buildings of concrete, you will revel in the gorgeous wilds of Phillip Island.  Be prepared to trek, take a water bottle, hat, sun block, sturdy walking shoes and deep breaths.  Norfolk Island from this perspective is quite something.  Not everyone has the wherewithal to make the trek, so enjoy!!

Half Day Tours
A way to get yourself orientated.  When you first touchdown on the rock, there is a great temptation to go at the speed of the mainland.  Take a breath, breathe in our glorious air and chill back in a bus for a while.  One of our local guides will give you a more than brief outline and lay of the land.  There is much to be said for Norfolk Island and for the best part our people are happy to share.  This will give you your bearings.  It will also allow you the opportunity to determine places of immediate interest, to you personally.  You may even find yourself inspired to explore a specific portion of Norfolk’s culture that you had no previous idea existed.

Progressive Dinner
Something of a tradition on island is the Progressive Dinner.  This tour has proved popular for years.  Share food, stories, ambiance, local hospitality and the opportunity to walk within the walls of local island homes.  Still unsure about what this entails?  Well climb aboard the bus, and get ready to cruise the island and arrive at one of our local island homes.  Each course is consumed at a separate location.  Each location has its own separate style and charm.  An opportunity to touch base with local people in their own home, partake of their hospitality, maybe even learn a little about the family history and the history of the house you are dining within.  You can relax completely as you move from home to home – and course to course – there is no danger of drink driving as you are guided and driven by one of our local tour operators.

Sunset Fish Fry
A ‘Sunset Fish fry ‘is a great way to round off the day.  You can bus or drive out to Puppy’s Point, the westerly side of the island and partake in the fish fry and entertainment whilst cherishing the view of the setting sun.  Position yourself on top of the cliffside and get a glimmer of the last rays of the sun, contemplate a day well spent and relax into the oncoming evening breeze.   Magical and lyrical, this is a sophisticated yet simplistic way to finish off the day.  Options abound.  You may wish to join the pre-arranged fish fry and all the merriment that comes with sharing a meal with others just visiting our isle, or you can organise refreshments yourself and park up with a rug and something to eat and drink and just sink with the setting sun, into a feeling of warm contentment.  Another day is done, with the promise of tomorrow’s day, just over the horizon. 

Photography Tour
Going on holiday means taking your camera for most people.... but if you are a photo-buff then a camera for Norfolk’s scenery is a must.  There are spectacular views, South Pacific Island light, haunting ruins and legendary locals... all up for the ‘taking’.  The colour palette of the natural local scenery is exquisite.  Unspoilt natural sands, azure water, glorious-blue sky ... I believe that ‘azure’ as a word was literally invented to describe the colour of the water in Emily Bay.  Then there is the form, the ruins, the old houses, the lay of the land and the flora and fauna... all uniquely Norfolk.  There is a distinct time-travelling feel about the island.  We are charmingly quaint and periodically romantic.

Conversely the remaining hand-hewn stone buildings echo a time that was all about terror and persecution of those incarcerated.  Beauty, charm and terror - this juxtaposed imagery, challenges perception, and reality,  thus creating the enigma, that is Norfolk Island. 

A quick visit to the Lions Clubhouse down in Kingston is a must.   (the chocolate-maroon coloured building ) This building houses a collection of enormous black and white photographs that just cannot be missed.   So grab your artistic flare, open your shutter and your mind – be inspired by all those budding  photographers  of yesteryear.  Afterall a great shot taken on Norfolk Island could be the souvenir that contains the memories of a lifetime.

Culla and Co
The Clydesdales and Culla will completely steal your heart in the most unobtrusive manner.  The simplicity of this tour will charm and calm you.  Old fashioned carriage and horse touring Norfolk Island style – Culla competes for your attention with his much beloved horses in their own sweet way.  This tour will remind you that the simple life is just a carriage ride away. Climb aboard the wagon-type carriage and mozey along the road ways of Gods’ Country (Steeles Point) and out to Symonds Water where you will briefly rest and chat amongst the grassland and trees amidst the scintillating conversations of Culla and his steeds.

The Bottle House

This house of the 50’s 60’s era is worth a look.  In a world of success now seeking out solutions  for the resulting excess of refuse due to consumption to excess.  Take a fad from the past (construction of buildings from empty bottles ) as a classic example of making use of what is to hand....the ultimate in recycling.  The question is, are we still capable of inspiration from the past?  If so, do we also have the stamina or drive required to complete a project, or has the modern fast life of today robbed us of the incentives to go on... and could you live in a house of bottles?  Not for everyone, but well worth a look.

Camelot Gardens
This garden is a treasure.  A place to meander and ponder and check out what plant life thrives on the island.  This picturesque place is about 2 acres in dimension and is a perfect venue for a celebration held out-of-doors.  It may be an anniversary or garden wedding or just a fairy party for wee girls, but the gardens have a magical quality that harkens to the name, so draw upon the possibilities and take the time to contemplate the divine.  Whether the gathering be large or small there is no mistaking the charm, so take a book and lunch and good company or go all out and design the garden party of a lifetime – in Camelot.

Fletcher’s Mutiny Cyclorama
For those of us that need the picture painted for us, this art-attraction is hauntingly beautiful.  The Cyclorama is a very practical yet evocative pictorial rendition of the events that were the Mutiny. It is set out in such a way, that if you have absolutely no idea about the event as it unfolded by the time you have left the Cyclorama you will be armed with all the facts in a manner that totally indulges the senses.  Without doubt the local artists challenged with the portrayal of the now classic story of Blighs mutiny have delivered a work of art, sublime.  This is art, classy, classic and spiritually uplifting in imagery and honesty to the story of the Pitcairn people who eventually graced the shores of Norfolk Island, and to whom we owe a great deal of respect for pathing the way to modern day glorious Norfolk Island.

Norfolk Island Liqueurs
Situated on Cascade Road, Norfolk Island Liqueurs is the local soft drink company and producers of liqueurs.  Norfolk Island Liqueurs has become quite a favourite for both traveller and locals alike.  Tours are available through the ‘tasting room’ four days a week.  Great opportunities to try before you buy.  The liqueurs come in a sweet looking bottle and carry bag and have been a huge success as an uplifting gift to take home with you – for that someone special or as an exciting addition to your own wine cabinet.

The Trial of the Fifteen
Not to be missed!  Sit back and time-travel with the help of our talented local actors as they re-inact (in a court room setting) a trial and trail of historical vignettes.   These accounts will capture your imagination in an effortless way.  The construct of the play takes all the legwork out of discovering some of the more interesting aspects of time in our chequered convict history. This journey is taken whilst seated in one of the convict buildings, once utilised for worship, now a place to be entertained and schooled.

The sometimes comedic delivery of this lesson in history will leave you with an insightful glimmer of a life and time totally foreign to us in these modern days. 

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