Schooling Norfolk Island Style

Currently Norfolk Island School is a public school situated at Middlegate and was formed in 1906.  The curriculum level is now through to Year 12, at which point students make their decision to either further education on the mainland or establish themselves within an apprenticeship or full time work on island.  


1856 saw the newly arrived Pitcairners commencing schooling in the New Military Barracks at Kingston. Subsequently numerous other schools came into existence.  The current system is based on the NSW education format and as such we regularly import teachers who continue to uphold a comparable and high standard of education for our children. 

The system incorporates local language, craft and culture.   Physical education plays a keen role in the upbringing of our families and this is instilled in the students at an early age.  Testament to this is the obvious physical well-being and aptitude regularly displayed in island wide events like the cross country, and swimming carnivals.  Huge generational family rivalry is a tradition seriously adhered to down the years within the school.  It is usual practice for family members to retain membership within their family House being either Norfolk, Philip or Nepean.  The trooping of these colours produces much competition and hilarity on the day of competitions.  Generations of good runners, footballers, swimmers and athletes see year in and year out the fruits of this determination and pride coupled with genetic blue printing producing gifted and enthusiastic individuals.

Academically the school produces fine scholars.  It is customary for the school to celebrate achievement of students with assemblies for students and family alike to partake in the recognition of effort and achievement and interplay amongst the whole school from primary to secondary level.   The photos from left to right are:  Marie Bailey on her trusty horse and usual form of transport to school and on the right - school assembly and the proferring of certificates by the Administrator Owen Walsh. 


Descendants of the Bounty mutineers (Pitcairners) arrive for resettlement on Norfolk.
Classes begin in the New Military Barracks under George Hunn Nobbs.
1859:  Thomas Rossiter is appointed as schoolmaster.
1884:  Rossiter retires, Alfred Nobbs becomes schoolmaster.
1887:  Queen Victoria Scholarship is introduced to celebrate her Golden Jubilee.
1906:  School begins on current site at Middlegate. 
1992:  Year 11 introduced.

A comprehensive history of Norfolk Island public education can be found in the book “An Island Education, A History of the Norfolk Island Public School 1856-2006” by Brian Mercer, Sesquicentenary Edition. Published by the Norfolk Island P&C Association.

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