History of Norfolk


Only six of the twelve Tahitian women – originally taken to Pitcairn – left descendants.  It is from these women that some Norfolk Islanders descend.  The women's names are: Mauatua, Teraura, Teio, Tevalu, Toofaiti, Vahineatua.   It is pertinent to note and celebrate these women.  The names of the European men are commonly known and referred to in guides and information pertaining to Norfolk’s His-story.    Perhaps not so strongly known is Her-story.  It is undeniable that the relevance of the Polynesian aspect of Norfolk Island culture is alive and well. 

The very least we might do is remember the names of the fore-mothers who made that possible. Relationships forged on Tahiti undoubtedly contributed to the culmination point which was the mutiny – therefore contemplation of the degree to which the women influenced the action of the men may always be a pleasant debate in one’s mind.                      Was it the ferocity of Bligh, or the captivating warmth and culture of those Tahitian women?


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