Captain Cooks Discovery

Captain Cook aboard Resolution discovered Norfolk Island 10th October 1774. 



8 October, 1774.  Noted in Cook’s journal after sighting Norfolk:

"I took possession of this isle as I had done of all the others we have discovered and named it Norfolk Isle, in honour of that noble family." "Here then is another Isle where Masts for the largest ships may be had."

The entry is dated 8 October, discovery is dated 10 October and apparently James Cook actually came ashore 11 October. (Such is history written.)  Repeatedly noted is that Cook thought he had hit the jackpot with pines and flax, only to have time prove that neither were to be suitable.  As a penal colony for the overflowing miscreants from England and as a garden to supply the rampant growth of mouths to feed in Sydney town however, Norfolk Island was perfect.

 Today Norfolk Island celebrates Cook’s landing point with a picturesque memorial that overlooks Duncombe Bay. The Captain Cook Memorial site is a beautifully appointed scenic spot perfect for picnics and sea-gazing and a favourite rendezvous point to partake in a well earned breakfast at the journey’s end of a breakfast bushwalk.

Captain Cook's Landing Point




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