Convict Settlements



If you are a history buff you will be well aware that Norfolk Island boasts some of the best examples of Georgian architecture in the world.  The Kingston Arthurs Vale area is a protected region of the island and originally came into being as a result of the convict eras.  Today’s Kingston remains hauntingly beautiful and totally accessible.  You can stroll through the ruins solo, or take in the history by way of the Museums.  The Royal Engineers Office cafe provides on the spot refreshment and is literally a stone’s throw away from the Kingston Jetty.

Quality Row houses are an integral part of the KAVHA area, originally these houses were home to officers of the regiment.   Two of these homes have been converted to museums, allowing us all a glimpse into the past.  The remaining houses are occupied by families of government workers.

Government House sits gloriously amidst the pines, the houses and ruins are a stone’s throw from Emily Bay.   If you time your stay on Norfolk you can partake in an internal tour of the house.  “By kind offer of the Administrator you are cordially invited to an opening of Government House this Wednesday 11.30 - til 3 pm”.   This opportunity occurs once a month with a small charge for entry – the proceeds going to a nominated local charity.

Norfolk Island’s cemetery situated on the Eastern side of the island calls young and old to walk amidst the headstones – daily.  Quirky to think that a place normally one hopes to avoid for a lifetime is a place that is revered, and attended by all in sundry.  The gruesome writings of the fate of people ‘passed’, as well as the trail perhaps of a lost relative are all good reasons to walk amongst those who were once resident on this gorgeous island now departed.


Government museums – Pier Store, No. 9 Quality Row,  Middlegate Museum, Onion’s Museum, Mitchell Evans Private Collection, RSL Memorabilia.  Historically there are tonnes and tonnes of artefact on Norfolk.  It is just a matter of taking the time to find it.


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