HMS. Bounty/Pitcairn Islanders


The Bounty and Pitcairn Island shall be linked, inextricably forever tied into the blood of Norfolk Island.  Whether your descendants can be traced to the lifeboat of Bligh, or the offspring of Christian - rest assured of a warm welcome to the shores of Norfolk Island. 

The HMS Bounty and her contents, the warm shores of Tahiti and Pitcairn have melded and bred
people that are warm, charismatic, artful and hardy. 



Some visitors to Norfolk imagine that there is a close geographical proximity to Norfolk, not so.  Once the story of the mutiny is told understanding resumes. The proximity comes from family ties and bonds of friendship and the shared lineage and cultural seemlessness of ancestral rites.


This is the John Adams Prayer. A copy of the hand written prayer of John Adams whilst living on Pitcairn.


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