Tour Options for History


The history of Norfolk is all about you as soon as you land.  We are an intimate island that is warm and open.  The history of the island is a colourful one and the best way to experience that is every way you can.  You may wish to walk alone and take your own tour through the Kingston Arthur Vale Historic Area. On island there is great room to explore on your own or to opt for a guided tour.  With the good people of the Museums down in Kingston and a multi-pass ticket admitting you to the Museums downtown you will not be disappointed.  This is surely one of the best value-for-money options in town.  It means that during the opening hours of the Museums you can use the pass as many times as you care to. 

Our Museum’s are well set out and the staff comprises paid and voluntary enthusiasts with a passion for conveying the tales of yesteryear.  Another option is the History in the Making Tour with local expert Arthur ‘Onion’ Evans.  This tour will transport your knowledge of the island to another level.   Arthur is truly astonishing in his ability to account dates, details and his expertise in interpreting the landscape as a result of its historical use will astound you.  This tour is extensive in time and content.  A testament to the passion and knowledge of a man of the island who’s ability to transport your imagination to the machination of a time when human industry was all and machines were yet to come to the for. Pitcairners Settlers Village is also “not-to-be-missed”.  This tour is fabulous and has been a lifetime’s work of Marie Bailey.  Marie has a local reputation as the “go to person” when exploring the facts of the past.  Her collection is second to none. 

The village holds a myriad of treasures wagons, tools, jewellery, books, records, clothing industrial equipment and best of all hands on knowledge of Norfolk’s past.  The Village is charming and honest.  In the middle of Middlegate is the Bounty Folk Museum.  A jam-packed trove of goodies, it will take you days to look and absorb the contents of this quaint and quirky Museum, Moira owner curator will charm and engage you say hello and become entwined with us, our history, and the mementos of the past. 


History Tour Options:

  • Lions Club Photographic Display – Kingston
  • Fletcher’s Mutiny Cyclorama – Queen Elizabeth Avenue
  • Museum Tag-a-long Tour – Kingston
  • Bounty Folk Museum – Middlegate
  • NI Museums: Pier Store, Commissariat Store, No.10 Quality Row, No.9 Quality Row
  • Introductory Half Day Tour – Pinetree Tours, Norfolk Touring
  • Discover Our World – Baunti Escape
  • Trial of the Fifteen – Kingston
  • Ghost Tour – Norfolk Touring
  • The Pitcairners Dinner & Show – Norfolk Touring
  • Sound & Light Show – Pinetree Tours
  • Half Day Island Tour – Pinetree Tours
  • The Kingston Convict Trail – Baunti Escapes
  • History in the Making; Working Settlement Tour – Arthur Evans
  • Pitcairn Settlers Village – Marie Christian Bailey
  • Historic Convict Kingston Tour – Norfolk Touring
  • Fletcher’s Fate Mystery Dinner – Pinetree Tours
  • Night as a Convict – Pinetree Tours
  • Convict Settlement Tours – Pinetree Tours
  • Historic Murder Mystery Dinner – Norfolk Touring

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