Norfolk Island language is quite lyrical, kinda like the people themselves. 

Singsong, lilting, teasing, and intoxicating – for the most part, the language is a living breathing thing.  Changing with the generations and venerated by all, this once forbidden language will engage your mind with curiosity and wanting.  Wanting more, for the majority of visitors seem to be intrigued and beguiled by the sounds and nuances of our language. 

I love the idea that the language demonstrates the meetings of the two cultures way back in Tahiti and Pitcairn and that the current rendition still resonates the warmth, the colour and the vibrance of the original voices of the past.  Creating a language through necessity must have been a process fraught with frustration, measures of patience and on many occasions hilarity.  For anyone who has ever travelled to a country with a ‘foreign’ language and attempted to communicate you are well aware of the pitfalls of the language barrier.  Imagine then a new beginning – a new island - a new life partner and incessant attempts to talk – so new words were made. 

A melding of old English,Tahitian and pure invention.  Some words culturally significant to events, times, places or actions, some onomatopoeic.  This patchwork of words was spoken and not written, lived and enlivened, evolving, shaping, stretching and sliding around on lips brown and beige.


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