Norfolk Island has its own distinct local dishes.  The gastronomic feast of a lifetime can be had on Bounty Day.  This particular day of the year sees the original families cluster in the Kingston area with the most fabulous array of local dishes you could ever imagine.  Contents of dishes have a strong island flavour, and yet the constraints of initially Pitcairn and then latterly  Norfolk have seen the islanders modify and adjust content to mimic ingredients not available here.   A classic example of this is that coconuts do not grow in the subtropical climate of Norfolk, but coconut cream and cream are used in recipes extensively.  Bananas are a plenty though and so making many and varied dishes with bananas was inevitable. Make the best of what you’ve got, and improvise, when you have to.

The sea’s bounty of fish is well harvested and the pact by local fishermen to operate a self imposed conservation time of not fishing more than one bin full of fish per day, during the time the fish spawn, is testament to sound principals.   It may well also be considered a practice that has been handed down through the generations.  Rock fishing with bamboo poles, gathering of hihi for pie and dishes, planting of tatie all these things contribute to a palate and a desire for dishes of the local variety.  

Some womenfolk of the island are renowned for their inherent ability for creating “da bes” pie.   Aspiring cooks and daughters may anguish over living up to the standards of their mothers and grandmothers.  The great thing about that is the art of pies, coconut, lemon, hihi, pumpkin, or cakes  does not seem to have died out.  Regularly on island we have cake-stalls as fundraisers and so some of these treasures can be sought, bought and devoured by those of us less celebrated pie makers.



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