Ecology defined is environmental science of ecosystems, about natural balance; environmentalism is the scientific study of the distributions,abundance and relations of organisms and their interactions with the environment.  Ecology includes the study of plant and animal populations, plant and animal communities and ecosystems.
On Norfolk Island we now have a very strong Landcare Group steered by Louise Tavener.           

This group continues to ensure that the Island stays as true to itself, from a natural landscape perspective as possible.  Creating a sustainable natural environment that will be our children’s proud inheritance.  Like every population we have made mistakes – usually attached to a desire for progress.  An example of this is the manner in which refuse is and has in the past been dealt with on the island.  Some of the practices of generations past will come back into vogue, for any number of reasons.  You may well remember the frugality of your grandparents who perhaps lived in a time of less plenty.  They may well have fed the chooks the food scraps that this generation sees fit to dump.  Not all practices of the past were good.     Some practices of the present are somewhat questionable, but now we have an environment so fraught with the volatility of the global climate,  that we have to pay more attention to just how well we treat mother earth. 

Norfolk Island is for the best part an untouched paradise that is green, and clean and blessed with an air and water purity that is astounding.  Clear starry nights are a testimony to how clean our atmosphere is.  Most visitors are blown away by the degree of cleanliness that we enjoy.


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