Beaches, Reefs & Sea Life

Bays of Norfolk

      Emily Bay

Emily Bay, definitely the perfect beach.  Half moon in shape, turquoise in colour, golden sand-lined beach.  Pinetree wind breaks to the rear of the bay provide shelter and contrast to this family friendly beach. 
The feel of Emily Bay is all-consuming. Safe, easy, sultry perfection.  Somewhere to lose yourself amidst the pages of a favourite book or delve into the depths and shallows for snorkeling, swimming, paddling or just to meander the beach with you friends and family.  This peaceful perfect haven is a favourite place all year round, but especially during the steamy days of summer.

Anson Bay

Anson Bay - not for the faint hearted.  The adventurer in you will be pumped to the extreme.  Just take a look at the track down to the bay!!! Then check out the surf!!!   If you are a challenger by nature this bay is for you!  The lure of the powder-fine golden sand, azure water and breakers out to sea, demand you make the effort - you will not be disappointed.  The panoramic view that greets you takes on a whole new meaning when you have been an eager partaker in the quest. 
You might like to take a tip from the local natural inhabitants of the bay the green turtle...take your time going down and coming back... remember Norfolk in all its splendour is for the savouring... feel it and breath  in Anson Bay to the fullest.



Cascade once the site of Norfolk’s whaling station - is now an alternative launching site for boats when Kingston Jetty proves too rough. Named for the water fall situated to the west – Cockpit - Cascade boasts spectacular views and beautiful boulder filled foreshore.  The place is periodically a buzz of excitement,  fuelled by expectation, when a ship comes in to unload.  We are still the only place in the world that unloads freight by lighter.  We still brag that we can do it faster/ better than those automated harbours.  Mind you, we do move at a slower pace on the island. Cascade is now one of two potential landings for arrivals from cruise ships, as can be seen in the above photos. 


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