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The fishing on Norfolk Island is world class whether you want to go off the rocks or with one of the many fishing charters on the island. There are several easy-to-get-to fishing spots off the rocks all around the island (depending on the surf conditions).  The waters surrounding Norfolk are abundant with sea-life -  such as trevalley, kingfish, wahoo, skip tuna, yellow fin tuna and many more rock fish. If you are keen on going a bit deeper by charter fishing,  for  the experience of a life time, here are some of the charter outfits currently operating:


Archery is a fairly new sport to the island but has still attracted a healthy band of archers. The archery range comfortably holds a 12 target F.I.T.A field course and removable F.I.T.A target range where it is situated on mission road on your way out to Anson Bay. The Association owns over 25 near new 3D targets, with over 20 of those bring McKenzies. There club days are every Saturday commencing at 2.00pm normally followed by a social get together. If the weather is unsuitable the club is capable of shooting in-doors at Rawson hall. Despite being a new sport to the island the club has representatives going over to compete in the commonwealth games as well as regularly competing in international events.

If you would like any information on upcoming events you can contact:

Lurline Graham (President) on:
Telephone: (int + 6723) 22236 A/H


Soccer is played on the island through-out the winter months by the junior kids. The games are played on the Rugby League oval behind Rawson Hall.


The local Squash courts are located at the Norfolk Island Leagues Club which has 2 courts. The courts are free at any time with a small court fee for the lights. Squash has always been a popular sport on the island producing some of the best squash players in the Pacific. The club holds weekly competitions from the junior division to seniors in both woman and men’s. The club has sent numerous representatives all over the Pacific and the world competing against the best. The squash club hosts a number of competitions each year attracting players from New Zealand and Australia.



If you’re the adventurist type Hiking on Norfolk Island is spectacular to say the least, whether you want to go for a hike through the national park or get a day trip out to Phillip Island, you won’t be left disappointed. The hiking trek out to Phillip is like going on a trip to Mars with the bright orange sand dunes and breathtaking views and colours. If you don’t want to take a day trip to Phillip Island then you will be just as satisfied with a trek through Norfolk’s beautiful national park, where you will walk through local fauna and past the site of Captain Cooks discovery of Norfolk. There are many other walking tracks on Norfolk Island for you to enjoy.

If you would to inquire about a day trek out Phillip Island you can contact Charter Marine at:


If you’re a diving enthusiast, than Norfolk’s the place for you. With amazing visibility and the second southernmost coral reef. Norfolk Island is made up of volcanic rock which means there are wall’s and rock formations scattered around the island. Diving is ideal for beginner’s to experts, with Emily and Slaughter bay great for the beginner’s with colourful coral, sand bottom and an abundant of fish and sea life swimming around. For the experts Bounty Divers can take you out to one of their 30 great dive sites where you can experience dramatic coral formations, swim through caves, rock walls and pinnacles not to mention the schools of fish and life swimming around. 

If you are interested in going for a dive on Norfolk you can contact Jamie Edwards from Bounty Divers at:


Emily bay and Slaughter bay are arguably the most beautiful bays in the world. Emily and slaughter bay are protected by the outer reef which acts as a natural barrier keeping any waves and currents from coming in to the bay keeping it a safe place to snorkel. The area from Emily to slaughter are ideal for snorkel ling and indubitable some of the best in the world. The bay is lined with stunning coral, white sand and all kinds of fish and sea creatures for your pleasure. There are several other amazing snorkeling sites around the island such as cemetery beach, the cord, crystal pools and Anson bay to name a few. If you don’t bring your snorkeling gear with you, you can hire a set from Land & sea up in town at a low price.


Norfolk Island has some of the most beautiful and rugged coast lines in the world and what better way to see it than in a kayak. With an abundance of birdlife and sea creatures not to mention the amazing rock formations around the island your kayaking experience on Norfolk will be one to remember. The best place to kayak on Norfolk is off cascade pier where you can paddle at your own leisure through natural arches and around to Captain Cook where you will see spectacular rock formations. You can hire kayaks from Land and Sea in town.


The Norfolk Island Pistol Club is situated out at Anson Bay next to the Clay Target Club and has approximately 20 members including 4 women. The club consists of a 25m range 15 bay air activated turning stainless steel target system with a computerised program for the different events, and have recently expanded their facilities to a 7 bay indoor air pistol range. The Pistol Club has been represented at 3 Commonwealth Games the latest being Melbourne 2006 where 8 members took part. The club holds international and local shoots each year.

If you have any inquiries you can contact Graham Cock the club president at:


Rugby, Touch & Golf, Netball, Tennis, Squash, Horseriding, Cricket - You Name It, We Got It!!


Rugby League has always been a big part of growing up on the island, whether it was watching dad play back in the day or now days watching the juniors go head to head each week. The island has a thriving junior rugby league club which plays their games on a Sunday in the winter months. In the past 4 years the club has linked up with the Brighton seagull’s from the St George area in Sydney where both clubs host the opposing club year about in the under 15’s division. The Norfolk Island juniors have also attended the NSWRL Academy's MOD training camp. In 2008 the Brisbane Bronco development team come over to further the skills of the local kids, Which also gave the kids a chance to watch and learn from some ex NRL players.   Golden Oldies also play - rigorously - on island, with much heart and old limbs the spirit of competition is alive and well.


If you have any enquiries for NIJRL you can contact Craig Buffett at:


Touch football is one of the favourite summer time sports on Norfolk Island. The Touch football association runs mixed touch football and just recently as of 2009 a woman’s competition. The mixed season starts from September to January each year. There are 8 teams competing in a close competition which are played down at the football oval at Kingston on a Thursday afternoon from 5.00pm.

Norfolk Island Golf


Golf would be one of the more popular sports on Norfolk Island which boasts one of the most scenic golf courses in the world. Located down at the historical Kingston area you can have a swing on the 9 hole course. The club hosts a bunch of events and Tournaments each year which attracts golfers from all parts of the globe. The course is a challenging one, not just from the ocean winds but ranging from curving the ball around Norfolk Pines on the 8th/17th to miss hitting the ball onto the beach or into the surf on  hole 4/13th which is the signature hole of the course. Prices range from $45-$75 per person for a week of golf. You can hire all your essential golfing equipment from the golf pro shop including buggy, or just bring your own.

Annual Golf tournaments on Norfolk Island:

  • Schweppes Christmas tournament, December.
  • The Governors cup, November.
  • Air New Zealand veteran’s tournament, February.
  • Hardy’s Wine Golf Classic Pro/Am, August.
  • Burnt Pine travel/ Air Menzies international Easter tournament.
  • The Bounty Tournament, June.

For more info on Golfing on Norfolk you can view the Norfolk island golf clubs web site


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