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Norfolk is YOU-nique – UNIQUE – and I am not being cute about that.  We have our own radio station – with indigenous speaking hosts that will totally make you smile – once your ears have adjusted to our way of talking!  Where else in the world do you hear the warmth of the people resonate out over the air-waves with such genuine feeling, with personal heart-felt messages.   After a few days you will feel yourself a part of our community – and that is no tall tale.  The colloquial sayings and language will wash around you making you crave more.  This warmth and caring is one of the many reasons so many of our visitors return time and time again... who knows maybe you too!  From the moment you feel that personal touch at the airport, and throughout your stay on the island you will come to understand that we still have the time for YOU.   Guess what, it is all about YOU.  Norfolk Island is YOU-nique.

Own Time, Family Time, Good Time, Easy Time, Slow Time, Clean Time, Healthy Time, My Time, Our Time, This Time,  Almost Outta Time,  Your Time, About Time!

If any of these reasons struck a chord with you, great! – It’s about time!!  We’ve been here waiting for you all this time. Perhaps you have made a decision that you need some time, to do or achieve whatever it is that needs doing.  It may be lots of things needs doing or just a little bit of nothing.  We are the perfect destination for you, now’s the time.

This time is your time.  You have the whole place to kick about in.  Don’t waste any more time, (unless you really want to).

Norfolk Island – timeless beauty – We have time for you.... Back in time, just in time, from time to time... what a great time!! Heck of a time, fantastic time.


Follow Our Local Radio Station

You can not help but be touched by our local radio station.  The intimate nature of delivery is a calling card of the island.  You may hear Norfolk spoken by the presenters, passionate requests and you also hear the sad lamenting phrases of our Pitcairn Anthem – when one of our beloved local folk has passed away.  We are such a close community that the personalities flow over the airways, quite often with cheeky in-house jokes, or loving messages from family and friends or updates and links from teams or groups visiting abroad. 

This is not necessarily a unique vehicle for communicating effectively with the whole island but it surely has it’s own unique flavour and mixture or entertainment and information alike.

Tune into 89.9 FM.


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