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Weddings, Honeymoons, Lovers Retreat or Renewing Your Vows


Norfolk Island it the perfect destination for weddings and honeymoons for a number of reasons.  Geographically, for example, most of us have friends and relations across the ditch – either in New Zealand or Australia - who inevitably want to come and celebrate weddings with us.  What better solution than meeting in the middle – Norfolk!   Economics play a huge role in weddings and can become a drain on resources - Norfolk Island is the solution, simply beautiful, practical and achievable money-wise. 

We have every religious denomination covered and a very comprehensive list of Justices of the Peace – 26 to date.  Scenery is second to none on the island, with indoor and outdoor locations to take your breath away.  Flowers, catering, cake making, photography and live music - we can manage it all.  The friendly people on our team can co ordinate and guide you to the relevant businesses associated with the perfect wedding package.  A wedding licence is available for a nominal charge by contacting the Norfolk Island Administration where you will be required to complete paperwork to comply with the legal aspects of the contract.

Gorgeous photography is probably foremost in peoples mind, after the event.  The photos tell all of the day.  The fabulous photos shown above are by local artist/photographer Emily Ryves.  Emily can be contacted on her Norfolk Island mobile:   50093   (0011 6723 50093 from Aus and 00 6723 50093 from NZ)   or email Emily on:

Justices of the Peace (in alphabetical order)

ADAMS – Robin 22003 MARTIN – Brett 22020
BATAILLE – Allen 22001 MAYNARD – Michael 22144
BLUCHER – William 23279 McCOWAN – David 22091
BROWN – John 22123 McGRATH – Brian 22302
BUFFETT – Alan 22140 PEDEL – Helen 23000
BUFFETT – Albert 22511 QUINTAL – Gregory 22844
BUFFETT – David 22005 RICHARDS -     Wayne 22001
BUFFETT – Patricia 22688 SANDERS – Elaine 24413
DEMERY – Lee 22120 SMITH – Kathleen 22676
EDWARD – Kim 22001 SOUTH – Bronwyn 23369
EVANS – Gaye 22003 TAVENER – Allan 22152
KEEPING – Jan 22001 WALDEN – Rees 24287
MAGRI – Patricia 23000 WALSH-BRANNAGH – J 22543

We have spiritually stunning churches, Georgian architecture and ruins, picturesque scenery, friendly assistance and affordability.  All you need bring with you is the love!  Come swap vows and the promises of a lifetime of loving and living – on Norfolk Island.

Requirements for Marrying on Norfolk Island

People intending to marry on Norfolk Island must file a “Notice of Intended Marriage” one month prior to the intended date of marriage. The notice must be completed by both Bride and Groom, witnessed by an appropriate person.

  • First marriage for both bride and groom, provide:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Fee for marriage and lodging Notice of Intended Marriage $200
  • 2 Witnesses must be present at ceremony
  • Second marriage for either part, provide:
  • Birth Certificates
  • Proof of termination of previous marriage, namely, decree absolute or
  • Death certificate
  • Fee for marriage and lodging “Notice of Intended Marriage” $200
  • 2 Witnesses must be present at ceremony

 The notice can be faxed to the Registry Office (Fax Int+ 6723 22403) BUT you must bring the original copy to Norfolk with you.

Please note the following:

  • Costing is $200 for lodgement of notice for a civil service
  • For Church services generally a donation is made
  • Please also notify the registrar if a celebrant is required or not.


Assembly of God New Cascade Road 23688
Catholic Presbytery Queen Elizabeth Ave 22763
Church of England Headstone Road 22293
Jehovah Witness Grassy Road 23360
Seventh Day Adventist New Cascade Road 22201
Uniting Church Cascade Road 22179


Contact Details (Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages):

The Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages
Administration Offices
Kingston, Norfolk Island 2899
Phone: (Int+ 6723) 22001
Fax: (Int+ 6723) 22403


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