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Did you know?

  • One of Norfolk’s first exports was drip stone – you can see one down at No.10 Quality Row
  • Also exported in 16 October 1858 were 9 bales of wool exported to Sydney on board the schooner Kate Kearney
  • 1788 first recorded (written) sighting of turtles Norfolk Island, Emily Bay was originally called Turtle Bay because of the common sightings in that area
  • Ruin remains of the windmill on the Norfolk Island Golf Course was once part of the 2nd settlement and originally had the miller’s house built alongside it.  Later the building was a free overseers quarters until 1930 when it was demolished.
  • Phillipsburgh site now known as the Cascade area was inhabited in 1790 – interesting finds like brass buttons with anchor motifs – had been originally known as Cascade Farm, Cascadyd and Village at Cascade
  • Did you know Music Valley was called Phillimore’s Run in the 1st Settlement? – Phillimore was the first ex convict given 9 acres in 1790.  2nd Settlement Government Officers Farm and named “murderer’s glen” and more recently Music Valley in recognition of Bob Dewey and his musicality.

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