About Us



Do you need a reason to come?

Motivation, Hook, Tie, Curiosity, Recommendation, Necessity, Business, Price, Ease factor – English speaking, Aussie Dollar, Time constraint, Safety factor.

Own Time, Family Time, Good Time, Easy Time, Slow Time, Clean Time, Healthy Time, My Time, Our Time, This Time,  Almost Outta Time,  Your Time, About Time!

If any of these reasons struck a chord with you, great! – It’s about time!!  We’ve been here waiting for you all this time. Perhaps you have made a decision that you need some time, to do or achieve whatever it is that needs doing.  It may be lots of things needs doing or just a little bit of nothing.  We are the perfect destination for you, now’s the time.

This time is your time.  You have the whole place to kick about in.  Don’t waste any more time, (unless you really want to).

Norfolk Island – timeless beauty. We have time for you.... A Heck of a time, fantastic time.

Back in time, just in time, from time to time... what a great time!!


  • Bays/Beaches
  • Forest/National Park
  • Rolling Hills
  • Ruins
  • Flora Fauna
  • Cows
  • Ducks, Geese & Chooks
  • Churches
  • History
  • Culture
  • Sport
  • Food
  • Conferences
  • Family
  • Clubs
  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Shopping
  • Relaxing
  • Tradition
  • Tours
  • Cemetery
  • Ruins
  • Events / Groups
  • Marriages, Anniversaries, Honeymoons
  • Re-Unions
  • Fishing, Boating, Trekking
  • Diving, Kayaking, Snorkeling












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