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Norfolk Island is a temperate sub-tropical island.  That means pleasant, balmy, sparkling blue sky days with fast moving weather patterns.  Summer is fabulous with high temperatures of around 25C and in winter drops down to around 18C.  The highest we have ever had is 28C and the lowest 6C – but relax that was in 1953!!  There is a fair amount of humidity and this sometimes makes the island feel steamy through the summer.  The humidity range is around 70 per cent – this usually drops a little in the afternoons.

Wind is predominantly from the east to south east in the summer and south, to south-westerly in the winter months.  The very nature of the island means that wind is definitely a factor, as residents we tend not to notice it so much, however there is plenty of wind.  The air is pure and fine and scudding clouds are part of the landscape, as are the carpets of stars that sit across the night-sky.  City dwellers will marvel at the dark and twinkling night skies of Norfolk, a chance to star-gaze and dream and wonder at the multitude of lights in a deep black night.

The best indication of the climate of the island is the vegetation.  Flying into Norfolk Island you will see the rolling hills and paddocks are the most superb emerald green.  Palm trees evoke the feeling of the pacific and the pines the European north countryside.  So obviously the climate is generally moderate allowing for these magnificent plants to live alongside each other. 

The pleasant easy-going climate means that you can dress comfortably and accordingly to the seasons, however it is fortuitous to bring a jacket or wind-breaker as the cooling onshore breezes may be keenly felt of an evening when the sun sinks in the west.

Whether the Weather


Norfolk Island has a temperate climate – gorgeous sparkling days, cool pleasant evenings.  The temperature ranges from 14 – 25 degrees throughout the year.   It certainly cools off at night, so bring a jacket.  Obviously the summer months are warmer. Check out the weather for the next ten days, by clicking here

Time to Time

We are ahead of our time here on Norfolk and to prove it –actually - we are ahead of your time too... In fact we are one and a half hours in advance of Australian Eastern Standard Time.When Australia reverts from “daylight saving” we revert to being ahead of Sydney by only half an hour.  New Zealand then becomes ahead of us by one and a half hours.The good news is no matter how confused you may be by this, upon arrival the pilot will remind you to change you watch.   We will certainly remind you to slow down... breath and enjoy a way of life that is not ruled by the watch, or the clock, because guess what, we have plenty of time... for you, just for you.


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