If you are coming to Norfolk Island expecting to use your current mobile, think again!  Norfolk Telecom has it’s own service. You might  therefore like to consider leaving a relevant message on your mobile, with details of how or where to contact you in case of emergency.  Alternatively you can purchase a local sim card on arrival and fit that sim into your mobile, and then relay your Norfolk Island mobile contact number.

Our Telecom office is situated on New Cascade Road, (left at the roundabout in town).  If you are dialling out of Norfolk Island the international prefix code is 00 then the country number and number you are dialling.

Recharge cards for mobiles and public pay phones are available at many outlets on island like for example – Foodlands, P and R Grocery, PawPaw’s Pumpshed and of course Telecom itself.

Norfolk Island Stamps/Philatelic

Some of the most sort after stamps in the world hail from Norfolk Island.  Any budding stamp buff will tell you that Norfolk Islands stamps are highly prized in the complex world of the philatelic fanatics.  This is a prime opportunity for you to view and purchase on Island.  The Post Office is situated in the Bi-Centennial complex next to Customs and adjacent to the Visitors Information Centre and Bond Store.  The other great opportunity is to post to friends and family overseas during your stay to commemorate the occasion or take the opportunity to try and beat that postcard home!


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