Electricity & Water


Electrical appliances that are compatible with Australia and New Zealand are fine to use on island.  The cost of electricity on island was, up until recently quite expensive and environmentally a challenging form of energy.  This was due to the fact that all electricity was diesel generated.  We have now moved forward by establishing as many households as possible with solar powered electricity.  This is not only environmentally friendly but economically comforting,  to say the least.  It is also reasonably rare to find air conditioning on island. 

There are plenty of ceiling fans in use, but in reality the design of island homes combined with the level of pure island air and onshore winds aids us to combat climate control. The diesel generated electricity costings were exorbitantly high due to escalating oil prices globally. This was amplified with the cost of shipping the fuel to the island.  Therefore the move to solar power was a no brainer!  I guess habits are hard to break however, and most inhabitants are in the habit of being frugal /careful to turn off lights and appliances when not in use.


Rain water tanks are used throughout the island to capture the majority of our water supply.  Bores are also in use at various points throughout the island.  In the past 12 months we have experienced record drought periods which have definitely taken its toll on the vegetation and livestock of the island.  Recovery of pasture and livestock alike has been formidable and most tourists to the island would never imagine our gorgeous green hills looking anything but emerald.  However it just goes to prove that any wastage of natural resources is foolhardy and short-sighted.

As a traveller you may be concerned with consuming water, but generally speaking our visitors find the local water totally refreshing.  Any concerns you may have can be allayed by boiling the water before drinking.  In comparison to mainland water you may find the water more gentle on your skin as there would undoubtedly be less chemicals present.



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