Chances are no matter how fit you think you are, for convenience sake – amongst other things – you will want to hire a car.  Apart from tour buses, the occasional courtesy coach (from one of the major hotels) or the local taxi (one car) there is no “public” transport.

The lure of the island’s many and varied attractions however, demands that you be free to roam our roads at will.  The lay of the land means that while it is totally possible to get around on foot, the terrain can prove somewhat contentious. A common misconception amongst visitors is that because the island is small in dimension then it must be able to be conquered by foot.   The best of both worlds is what I recommend...

Take the care and then stroll.  “take it easy wah!!”

Hire Cars

Hire Cars on Norfolk Island are not a luxury they are a necessity.  If your accommodation does not include a hire car in the package chances are you will want to hire one.  The terrain of Norfolk Island dictates it.  One of the best tips for your stay will be to get in a car and drive the island.  Get your bearings and see the splendour that surrounds you.  This will allow you the freedom to become your very own tour guide.  The roads are interestingly pot-holed for your convenience.  How so, you enquire?  Well the pot-holes ensure your speed limit remains restrictive. This is helpful when negotiating right of way with cows, ducks, geese and chickens... all of which have right of way on common ground and roads throughout the island.

A hire car on Norfolk Island is may think you can walk the island but soon find that the freedom of a hire car is the only way to go!  You can take your pick as all the companies are reputable and have local expertise about what you can expect on our roads.

  • Advance Hire Cars
  • Aloha Renta a Car
  • Auto Rentals
  • Crest Auto Rentals
  • Borrys Rental Cars
  • Eldoo Hire Cars
  • Fantasy Island Rentals
  • Hibiscus Resort and Motels Hire Cars

Don’t be alarmed if everyone seems to know you as you drive around... it is just the local culture to flick a wave at people...even when you don’t know them, personally.

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Advance Hire Cars
We offer great service and a full range of cars from small cars, sedans, saloons, wagons, people movers, vans and even an MG convertible...
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Aloha Rent a Car
Late model cars & Mini-Vans to suit up to 8 people, With power steering and air -conditioning. Pick up airport or accomodation. On call 24hr roadside service....
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Borrys Pty Ltd
Hire Car...
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Crest Auto Rentals
Car Rental...
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