Working the Ship – Norfolk Island Style


Ever thought how the larger objects get ashore to a tiny island in the Pacific? 

Tour buses and bulky equipment or freight are not always possible to fly in, so the ship is the alternative.  Historically the men of our island “lighter” the freight ashore.  This sometimes requires lashing two lighters together.  They are then towed into the jetty by launch.  No mean feat!!!   This vocation is sometimes a generational one and is seen as one of prestige.  The job is not for the faint-hearted.  Seamanship, agility, strength, camaraderie, teamwork, cunning and guts, these are all attributes of our stevedores.  The raw talent and nonchalance of the boys working the ship makes for a great sight-seeing tour for our visitors.  To give you a taste of the action view the video clip attached and when you visit Norfolk try and time your visit with an unloading of the ship. 

The calling of the men to the ship is broadcast by the local radio on the day – obviously weather dependent.  So also tune into VL2NI 89.9 fm and listen up before 7 am. 

The unloading takes place either at Cascade or Kingston jetty.
No, you are not seeing things...Norfolk humour is everywhere....and the sign is not misplaced!




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